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Car Accidents

Car Accident Case Results

$890 Thousand Car Accident - Lumbar Surgery- 850000.0000

$890,000 Car Accident victim who suffered Lumbar Surgery

$575 Thousand Car Accident - Ankle Surgery- 575000.0000

$575,000 for Car Accident- Ankle Surgery

$500 Thousand Rear-End Auto Collision – Lumbar Surgery- 500000.0000

$500K for lumbar surgery resulting from a rear-end auto collision. Our client was stopped at a light when she was smashed from behind by a pharmaceutical salesman traveling too quickly to his next appointment. Our client required a lumbar fusion in order to correct excruciating back pain. Interesting enough, the defendant’s lawyer tried to blame the need for surgery on the fact that our client had been to the beach a few months after the car collision and was knocked down by an ocean wave while swimming. This is just another example of insurance companies and defense lawyers doing and saying anything to avoid responsibility for paying totally legitimate medical costs and needless pain and suffering.

$160 Thousand Auto Collision – Hit by DUI Driver- 160000.0000

$160K for minor soft tissue neck and back strain injuries after being hit by a DUI driver. Our client had only $7,000 in chiropractic medical bills and the defendant’s insurance coverage was only $50,000 but a rare pre-trial settlement of $160K was paid over insurance policy limits by Geico Ins. Co. due to the face that the defendant had multiple DUI’s on her record and we were prepared to argue that the defendant was a continuing threat to future motorists by her failure to adhere to several drinking and driving warnings. As always, we fight hard for your right to enjoy the highways and roadways free from reckless motorists.

$125 Thousand Rear-End Collision – Soft Tissue Back Injury- 125000.0000

$125K for rear end car collision causing shattered back car window and soft tissue lower back injury. Defendant’s repeated warning from police to fix his high suspension pickup truck caused a Cherokee county jail to award $75K in punitive damages to deter him from such conduct in the future.

$90 Thousand Soft Tissue Auto Wreck- 90000.0000

$90,000 Soft Tissue Auto Wreck

$240 Thousand Auto Collision – Disc Herniation- 240000.0000

$240K for disc herniation from auto collision involving DUI driver.

$180 Thousand – Hit & Run of Minor- 180000.0000

Our minor child client was playing ball in his apartment complex when he chased the ball across the parking lot where an auto was traveling too fast for conditions and hit out boy who then suffered a very serious fractured leg. This was a great recovery considering the fact that the child darting out and not looking where he was going was argued as significant contributory negligence by the defense.

$112 Thousand Fractured Hip in AL – Plaintiff Partially at Fault- 112500.0000

$112,500 for pedestrian in auto collision for fractured hip where pedestrian partially at fault for crossing busy road quickly and darting out into traffic.

$48 Thousand – Verdict for Auto Accident - Soft Tissue Injury- 48000.0000

Our client was rear-ended and had mild neck and back strain. However, the insurance company only offered 2,000 to settle. Hartman – Imbriale does not put up with low-ball offers from ruthless insurance companies, so we filed suit and won a 48,000 verdict, which is 24 times the insurance offer. Even thought trial is much much more work, Hartman – Imbriale goes the extra mile for its clients.

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