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Slip & Fall

Slip & Fall

$240 Thousand Slip & Fall at NTW Retail Store- 240000.0000

$240K for broken hip to 70-year-old client from improperly constructed step at a retail store.

$675 Thousand Slip and Fall- 675000.0000

$675k for slip and fall in DeKalb County apartment complex parking lot that had many large potholes resulting in internal brain bleed to elderly woman.

$165 Thousand – Slip & Fall- 165000.0000

Our older gentleman client was walking on the IHOP walkway towards the front door when he crossed over the corner of the walkway where a sprinkler head was sticking up too much, which caused him to trip and hurt his shoulder rotator cuff. Although the defense argued contributory negligence by our client for not staying on the walkway path, we were still able to negotiate a sizeable settlement.

$86 Thousand – Verdict for Slip & Fall At Kroger- 86000.0000

Our client slipped from a leaking freezer and liability was in hot dispute since Kroger claimed a warning sign was nearby. However, through our keen investigation of witnesses and Kroger video tape, Hartman-Imbriale was able to prove at trial that the store manager moved the yellow warning sign to the fall area after the fall and thus obtain hard fought justice again for the injured. That what we do – fight for justice for the injured.

$110 Thousand – Verdict for Slip & Fall At Kmart- 110000.0000

Our client slipped on a large puddle of water in front of the checkout line cash register that was there for several hours with the Kmart employee ever inspecting the area and cleaning it up. Kmart denied liability and denied our client payment for medical bills for over three years, but Hartman Imbriale was relentless and took the case to a Fulton County jury. The jury agreed that Kmart was indeed negligent and awarded our client nicely.

$1.78 Million – Slip & Fall at Hampton Inn (Leaking A/C)- 1780000.0000

We obtained a record verdict from a Hampton Inn motel due to leaking water from air conditioning units causing permanent injuries including post concussive syndrome, hearing loss and vision impairment.

We obtained a record verdict in the small south Georgia county of Bulloch County. Our client only had $43,000 in medical bills which included several ear surgeries for ear drainage tubes. The hotel denied responsibility for the injury for 3 years and only offered $100,000 to settle the case a few days before trial.

The jury gave us a verdict of $1.5 million dollars for compensatory damages plus $250,000 for punitive damages to deter the hotel defendant from future gross negligence. Evidence showed that the motel never fixed the continual leaking air conditioning units for 10 years, thus the jury wanted to punish the motel owners.

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