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Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

$14 Million Settlement For Tractor Trailer Death of Nursing Student- 14000000.0000

$14 million record settlement for tractor-trailer death of Georgia Southern University nursing student by Total Transportation of Mississippi and US Express trucking companies for distracted truck driver sexting while driving. Our client was just 1 of 5 nursing students killed and 2 seriously injured. $80 million total settlement for all families.

$310 Thousand Truck Driver DUI – Soft Tissue Injury Only- 310000.0000

$310K for soft tissue injuries from a tractor trailer DUI auto wreck. Our client was driving his SUV with his employees in the early morning when a tractor trailer truck driven by a DUI truck driver blew a red light and smashed into our client’s auto. Luckily, our client had only minor damage to his back and knee but we were able to obtain an excellent recovery due to the gross negligence of the truck driver and trucking company for letting that truck driver have the keys to the truck after a very late night of heavy drinking.

$750 Thousand – Auto Collision Death of 72 Year Old- 750000.0000

The wrongful death of a 72-year-old by auto collision was caused by a pickup truck that failed to make a proper left turn and turned into the path of our client who was driving with the right of way in Rockdale County.

Our client spent two weeks in the hospital in terrible pain with several broken ribs and punctured lung before he unfortunately passed away. Prior to passing, he coded three times in the hospital for lung and heart resuscitation.

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